With Zwift, you can use your own bike on an indoor trainer to ride alongside others in a virtual world. When you pedal your bicycle, your avatar – a representation of you – does the same. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to get cycling on Zwift, including links to help with your specific setup.


  1. A device to run Zwift
  2. A Zwift account
  3. A bike
  4. One of the following
    1. Classic trainer/rollers AND a speed sensor
    2. Smart trainer/rollers
    3. Power meter AND any trainer/rollers

If you buy one of the new “smart bikes” that takes care of the bike and the smart trainer in the list above.

You also will need an ANT+ USB dongle if you are using a computer and connecting devices to Zwift that transmit an ANT+wireless signal.


Here is a summary of devices which can run the Zwift software and the wireless connections they allow:

Smartphones/Tablets: Bluetooth only

  • iPhone
  • iPad/iPod
  • AppleTV
  • Android


  • Windows 7 64bit or higher: ANT+ supported if you plug in an ANT+ dongle, Bluetooth supported on Windows 10 with Bluetooth 4. We recommend using ANT+ on Windows since Windows Bluetooth is still in beta on Zwift.
  • macOS 10.9 or higher: ANT+ supported if you plug in an ANT+ dongle, Bluetooth also supported.

Note: if your smartphone/tablet/computer was made in the last few years, it should be able to run Zwift. But you may want to double-check by looking at Zwift’s current device requirements.


To create a Zwift account on a computer, go to

Once you have answered the required questions, you’ll be taken to your new profile at If you’re ready, you can click the “Download” button to go to the download page, then click “Download” again underneath your operating system (Mac or Windows). Open the file and follow the instructions to install Zwift. On the download page, there is also a link to install Zwift from the App Store on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

If you download Zwift before signing up for an account, Zwift will prompt you to sign up at the login screen. On a Mac or PC, click the words “Create an account.” On an iOS mobile device or Apple TV, search for the Zwift app in the App Store. After downloading and installing it, open the app and select “I’m New.” Answer the required questions and tap “Let’s Go” to get started.

An unlimited subscription to Zwift costs a monthly fee ($14.99/month in the United States). When you first sign up, you get a 7-day free trial subscription. After that, you will get another 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of distance free every month. (If you signed up on a mobile iOS device or Apple TV, activate your 7-day free trial by selecting “Join Now” after you’ve used your first 25 km / 15.5 mi.)

You can pay for your Zwift subscription by:

  • Going to the membership page of your Zwift Profile;
  • Clicking “Join Now” at the bottom left of the starting screen on Zwift; OR
  • Clicking “Join Now” in Zwift on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and paying through your Apple/iTunes account


Meetups behave like any other Zwift event, so you can RSVP from Companion or the Zwift startup screen. Here’s how the invite appears in Companion:

Click blue message to learn about the meetup

Click to RSVP

Once you are in-game you will be notified when the Meetup is starting, and you will be taken to a starting area to wait for your group. Once the ride begins you will see the usual progress meter at the top of your screen. Members of your meetup have a green highlight in the riders list so they stand out nicely.

Any in-meetup chat is visible only to those in the meetup. Nice!


There are a few important limitations in this first iteration of Meetups:

  • You can only invite people who follow you. This was a decision made by Zwift to limit spamming and let the Meetups feature be tested by smaller groups before it expands.
  • You are limited to inviting 50 followers (for the same reasons above)
  • You can only ride on the course (world) scheduled at the time of your meetup
  • Meetups can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance
  • There is no late joining of meetups
  • You can only create three meetups per 24 hours period at this time. So be careful if you’re messing around with creating meetups, because the system will lock you out after three!


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With Discord, you can easily communicate with your teammates or friends in the form of text, image, video, and audio. It is a really useful freeware app that is specially designed for video gaming communities.

It is available on a wide variety of platform includes Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It is one of the most popular apps for gamers and gamers all over the world use it for communication.

It is available as a free version and as a paid version too which offers extra features.

Before you can communicate with your teammates using Discord, you will have to create your Discord Account.

[Source: Discord]

How to create a Discord Account?

To create your Discord account in a few minutes, follow these steps?

  1. Open your web browser and head over to ““. or you can download “discord” app on your phone
  2. Fill out the information including your email address, username, and password.
  3. Once you fill out the required information, click on
  4. You have now successfully created your Discord Account.
  5. You need to verify your email address before you can fully use your Discord account.
  6. Open your email address and open the email address by Discord.
  7. Click onVerify Email box to verify your email account.
  8. Once you do that, you will finally be able to use your Discord account.

By following these steps, you will easily be able to create your own Discord easily and then either create a server or join a server to communicate with your teammates.

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