Hi Folks

The Club are looking into setting up online training sessions using Zwift, an online training tool.

What you will need to play!

  1. A Turbo trainer can be any sort of trainer so it all depends what you want to spend.
  2. A heart rate sensor must be ant+ enabled.
  3. A speed and cadence sensor also must be ant + enabled.
  4. An ant+dongle this is to plug into your laptop/PC to receive the information from the various sensors.

Here is a Link to the Zwift site

How it works.

  • You must have a Zwift account.
  • You have to download the application to your PC, Laptop or other web-enabled devices.
  • We will announce when we will be racing or anyone can announce a race
  • Join in on the race when it comes up.

We will make a more detailed video on how to join in the near future, but if people want to get set up they can work away in the meantime.

Here is a helpful video on how to get set up.