For those tht are a little concerned about the elevation on the hill, well, its not too bad.

The fist lap of the race is a full lap of Knockma Hill, going up the Avenue and turning right at the cottege, you will then transfer from the tarmac to the gravel track.

The first 1km is uphill, this is the toughest part of the hill, once you pass the 1km mark there is some respite and a few hundred meters for the legs to recover before rising again.

At the 2km mark you are almost at the summit with the hill easing as you break the cover of the forest and on to the open track where you can see all the way to Galway, Mayo and beyond.

The trail undulates until about the 2.5km when you his the summit.

Once there is is all down hill, very down hill all the way to the finish.

Sat image of Knockma