Kilconly TT results

Once again we had a brilliant night in Kilconly, thanks to Murt and all the people who volunteered.

The results are in!


1 Gail Molloy 00:37:51 26.18
2 Hilary Hughes 00:25:51 39.36
3 Sinead Waters 00:31:17 32.84
4 Mary Corless 00:30:14 34.64
5 Tomas Boyle 00:36:23 28.86
6 John Joe Higgins 00:32:02 33.69
7 Therese Murray 00:31:07 35.41
8 Seamus Glynn 00:34:24 32.17
9 Ian McNamara 00:34:30 32.60
10 Terry Costello 00:31:46 36.54
11 Brian Og McNamara 00:32:12 36.63
12 Damien Burke 00:36:15 32.33
13 Nick Skehan 00:34:55 34.42
14 Aidan Gill 00:31:29 39.95
15 Darragh McShane 00:34:21 36.42
16 Paul Fay 00:41:24 29.28
17 Kevin Coen 00:37:42 33.49
18 James Marshall Hughes 00:37:07 34.78
19 Stephen & Leo 00:34:16 39.49
21 Ronan Flanagan 00:38:55 34.42
22 Lee Saville 00:39:56 33.80
23 Damien Mannion 00:41:18 32.82
24 Damien Faherty 00:40:35 34.22
25 Emmett O’Looney 00:39:58 35.61
26 Stephen Hughes 00:41:01 34.91
27 Joe Moran 00:41:46 34.60
28 John Mullin 00:38:42 39.60
29 Paul Joyce 00:39:54 38.50
30 Dave Stephens 00:39:56 39.22
31 Pat Reilly 00:40:38 38.91
32 Mark Quigley 00:39:40 41.32
33 Francis Toher 00:41:09 39.68

Time Trial Series 2018

Welcome to our Time Trial Series 2018. Tri-Lakes Triathlon Club has been running this very popular event since 2010. Below is some general information, explanation of scoring system and maps and details for each time trial.

What is a Time Trial

A Time Trial is an individual race against the clock. It is also known as ‘the race of truth’; there is nowhere to hide, no-one to draft off, just you, your bike, the clock and the beating of your heart.

You will automatically get your personal best (PB) time in your first Time Trial and that is your target to aim at the next time. First and foremost in a Time Trial, you’re racing against yourself and over the 5 weeks, you will hopefully see a big improvement in your TT times. However, there is also a leaderboard; the person with the fastest time wins the race (see next page for more on the scoring system)

Even though the TT’s are a competitive series, (more so for some than others!), it is also a very sociable event, with refreshments and a chat after each race.

How does the scoring work?

  • The timing for the TT’s is taken very seriously. There is plenty of competition throughout the whole participant list, not just for the top places.
  • The event is scored as a series of 5 races with the best 4 results for each competitor included in the final point score.
  • Points are scored based on how close each competitor comes to the winning time at each event – by doing it this way the different environmental conditions, course lengths, and locations are neutralized in the scoring system.
  • The scoring calculation for each event in the series works as follows: The winning time at the event gets 1000 points. For every other participant, their score is calculated using the fraction of the winning time relative to their finish time.
  • For example, if the winning time was 30:00 minutes and another participant finished at 31:15 minutes, the winner gets 1000 points, the runner-up gets (30:00/31:15 x1000) = 960 points.
  • Simple as that!



General Information

  • Sign on each evening from 6.30pm with the first rider off at 7.30pm.
  • Riders leave in 30-second intervals from a starting ramp.
  • Please call out your race number as you cross the finish line. This is VERY important,
  • Every participant will receive a Tri-Lakes buff, kindly sponsored by Murray Timber
  • Employees of our sponsors may enter free of charge on their designated evening.
  • Please stay safe whilst cycling. The TT’s take place on open roads. Obey the rules of the roads and listen to the marshals.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Gary Higgins – Applegreen

CBE – Claremorris

Murray Timber Group

Walshe’s Pharmacy – Tuam

Door Motion – Tuam

Leafe and Bean – Tuam

Monkey Business – Galway

For further info feel free to contact Murt Cooney (087)8159121 or Petrina Mitchell (087)9089393.




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