Swim Tow Float

New safety measures for all Tri-Lakes members

A decision has been made by the Tri-Lakes Committee to introduce new safety measures for members taking part in all open water swimming training sessions.

All swimming undertaken in the open water from June 2019 will require swimmers to have a tow float with them and attached to their person with their name written on their swim float.

This should be as common as putting on a helmet when climbing aboard your bike.

This measure has become compulsory in a number of clubs and has come as a recommendation from the RNLI as emergency services have confirmed that locating a casualty with a swim buoy is easier. The float helps swimmers be more visible in the water to other craft and easier to spot should something go wrong, swimmers have used them if they experience pain or need to rest they can use them as a support.

The device is a safety device and swimmers should not use it to push the boundaries of their own abilities, respect for the open water is paramount.

The order for the floats has now been completed.