Just like you, it all started with a small idea, and like you, we took the first step and dipped our toe in the water.

So whether you are a budding pro, a total novice, an age grouper or just looking to get involved you have come to the right place.

In getting to know your new clubmates, you will find new training mates, friends, coaches and rivals!

There is always a friendly and encouraging atmosphere with all levels of experience and expertise, we have fully qualified coaches on hand to help you on your journey.

Membership for 2019 is now open. Tri Lakes membership costs €35 (€20 for students and €1 for juniors).

Triathlon Ireland offers you a few options: race licence €65, training licence €22 or TI & Swim Ireland Joint Race Licence €80.

If you get a training licence you will have to buy a One Day Licence for every TI event you enter (€15 for duathlon, €25 for triathlon). Also of note, with a race licence you have insurance when you train on your own whereas with a training licence you are only insured when training with the club.

There is more information about this on the TI website. Juniors must have at least one parent a member of Tri-Lakes and TI.

Become a member and join Tri-Lakes here


Can ye please check your profile details, especially email address, when renewing membership.

Emailing members Club communications is essential so you get all the benefits of membership there are some old email addresses on TI system that are no longer in use, so make sure you have an up to date one on the system!