With the dawn of 2020, there is the dawn of the TriLakes duathlon 2020. You can enter here
This is one of the best duathlon’s you will do in 2020.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner of the art, this is one of the most challenging and rewarding of them all.
The run starts on the avenue of the iconic Knockma Hill, a hill steeped in history and folklore, the burial place of Queen Maeve and the Home of the King of the Fairies.
On the run, you will pass many fairy doors and entrances to the homes of the little people
You will run under cover of the canopy of 100-year-old Oaks, Redwoods and Monkey puzzle trees before breaking the tree line to circle the summit around Fionnabar’s Castle.
On your left-hand side, you will see the cairns that mark ancient monuments and a view of Lough Corrib all the way to Galway Bay.
Once over the summit, you will be descending back under the canopy to the avenue and transition where you will retrieve your trusted steed for the bike section.
The bike consists of a 20km cycle out to the beautiful Caherlistrane and on towards Galway turning left and back in towards Belclare, on passing Belclare Post office you will see the famous Tourlough to your right, home to thousands of nesting birds.
On return to transition, you will take to the tarmac as you head back towards Caherlistrane turning left to the side entrance to Knockma, and down the avenue again where they filmed Alfred the great battle scenes.
Over the finish line and with the highest sense of achievement, you will look back on the race with pride, pleasure and pain. Still, one thing will be guaranteed, you won’t do another duathlon like this one anywhere in Ireland.