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Tri Lakes Sprint Triathlon 2022



We are delighted to be back for 2022 at Petersburg Outdoor Education Center! Come and join in the fun in one of the most picturesque triathlons in Ireland. Enter now on Triathlon Ireland.

Check out our gallery from last time out and we hope to see you all in June!

2022 Handicapped 5km Run Series

Our 5k TT Handicapped Run series is back!

This is a fun series of five 5k Time Trials that is FREE to enter for all our club members.

The TTs are handicapped so that all runners have an equal chance of winning each race, and the overall series! Runners start on a staggered basis based on their times, and the first across the line on the night wins, simple as that! There will be a trophy for each race winner, and the overall series winner. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a 15 min or 35 min 5k’er – you have the same chance to win!

The five races will be each Wednesday at 7pm, starting Wed 30th March. Each race is at a different venue.

30th March – Caherlistrane
6th April — Ballyglunin
13th April – Knockma
20th April – Tuam
27th April – Mountbellew

Enter now to take part!

Handicapped 5km running series 2022

  • Enter your current best 5k time. Please be accurate to make it fair. If you have done the TT series before you don’t need to enter a time as you already have a handicap. AS AN EXAMPLE PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR TIME IN THE FORMAT 25.30

Winter Triathlon Series


Every Week

This is a fun, easy to do “Winter Triathlon Series” to keep us motivated, moving and engaged over the winter months. Simply complete one timed swim, bike or run each week to earn points and “compete” against your club-mates. You can do your session any day in the week that suits you. You can do the series as motivation to get out and exercising over the winter or as speed training as part of your winter base programme (e.g. for an Ironman in 2022). Less than half an hour per week to take part! You can do the sessions on your own or with training partners / club-mates, and we will arrange some group sessions along the way for extra motivation.

See the details below and join your club mates on WhatsApp to keep up to date on all the fun.

Trilakes Winter Triathlon Series

Winter Zwift / Zoom Cycling


Every Wednesday 18:30

Zwift / Zoom session

Are you curious about cycling? What are you waiting for? Our goal is to build your confidence as well as increase your physical fitness! 

See the detailed instructions below and join your club mates to start your pre-season training on the 24th November.

Wednesday's Tri Lakes Winter Cycling