It’s now time to vote!

It has been a fantastic 2019 for Tri Lakes Triathlon Club with some super performances from our Club Mates.

But it all starts with the basics!

At the start of the year we help our 5km run series which was a huge sucess with many members chasing the early times, flowing that we had our Swim blocks coached by Mer Lulling, our level 2 coach.

Running blocks soon followed then our handicapped 5km series in various venues around our catchment area of North Galway, a championship that was not only great fun and seriously competitive but also gave members a chance to visit new locations and head to friends houses for tea and cake afterwards.

The TT series was popular as always, perhaps also attracting members for the tea and chat! again travelling from venue to venue where the competition was tight and fun was in plentiful supply.

From there swimming headed to the Lake where we donned the wetsuits and ventured out, with some member training for marathon swimming and others for sprints training was both widespread and at many different levels.

Next up was our very own duathlon which will be going ahead in 2020! A fine race ran by our race director Ger Heneghan and once again the event was a massive success over the challenging course.

Training continued with our weekly cycling Sunday training, weekly running group and Swimming supported as always by our Masters Club Tuam Masters and the season was in full flow.

Our very own Triathlon took place in Clonbur ran by our race director Neill Campbell who ran a brilliant race with all competitors giving fantastic feedback with compliment all round to our wonderful clubmates who stepped up and volunteered for the day.

With such a successful year it is now time for the long taper and enjoy the Christmas, so get the thinking caps on and start nominating for our awards night here.

Club Person of the Year

The Club Person of The Year award is an award given to a person that has upheld the values that we as triathelets appreciate most, whether it be supporting other athelets, cheering from the sidelines, the bast cake maker or bread maker, or someone who may have made sacrifiecs to help others or it could be the person that picked you up after you got dropped on a damp misty morning cycle!

This is not to be confused with the best atheletes, they have their own awards.

A list of previous winners are also set out below.

  • Stephanie Reid - 2018

  • Ger Henehan - 2017

  • Mer Lulling - 2016

  • Gerge Reid - 2015

  • Maria Burke - 2014

  • Adrian McWalter - 2013

  • Eugene Hoade - 2012

  • Bernard Geraghty - 2011

  • Bernard Geraghty - 2011